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RodTite Rod Holder Instructions:
  • Fits any ½”–13nc base (not included)
  • Assemble with ½” SS stem bolt (standard 4” long) through slot with head inside rod holder body, add SS flat washer and top SS wing nut with flat up toward rod holder body then add bottom SS standard nut, install stem in base, adjust, tighten and go fishing.
  • Adjust vertical tilt by loosening upper wing nut, tilt in slot to desired angle then tighten wing nut.
  • Adjust Horizontal direction by loosening lower nut, rotate to desired angle and tighten nut.
  • For large bait casting reels, locate reel toward back of rod holder to prevent damage to level wind.
  • For best results when trolling more than 1 mph adjust horizontal direction from straight back to about 45 degrees and vertical  tilt  substantially above horizontal.
  • For easy rod removal the minimum mounting height above any flat deck should be greater than your rod butt length.  6” stem bolts and T-Bars are available as an option or accessory.
  • A 3/4" wrench or adjustable wrench (not included) is needed for tightening and adjustments
  • We have found that if you have a big fish hooked, and it is pulling hard on your rod, that the easiest way to get the rod out of the rod holder is to place the palm of your hand on the top of the reel and grasp the rod in front of the rod holder with your other hand. Press down on the top of the reel and raise and lift the rod out with the other hand with one motion. (We hope the everyone using the RodTite Rod Holder will have this experience with a 10, 20, or 50+ pound fish.)
  • Patent Pending

RodTite Rod Holders - Are Adjustable!!!! 

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Level

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Down

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Slightly Up

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Up

RodTite Rod Holder Uses:
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Striped Bass Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Crappie Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Catfish Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Walleye Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Boats
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Docks
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Spinning Reels
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Open Face Spinning Reels
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Bait Caster Reels
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Larger Trolling Reels


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